Introducing our 3rd Annual President Theodore Roosevelt Awardees!

On December 19, Maryland LCV Education Fund awarded business owners' Ryan and Neely James of Mother's Cantina in Ocean City, Maryland with our third annual President Theodore Roosevelt Award. The President Theodore Roosevelt Award – presented by Maryland LCVEF annually- recognizes the individual, group, or organization in Maryland who through a specific action, event, or body of work leaves a positive conservation legacy that mirrors the ethos of President Roosevelt.

"We choose to live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed for the natural beauty and resources it offers our community, Ocean City, Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay, which has the potential to be a positive example for all estuaries in our great nation, provides rich surrounding lands and waterways that supply our locally sourced menus. However, protecting the ocean and our coast is not just a business decision, but part of our personal values system. We believe it is not only our obligation to use our platform to inform other businesses about transitioning to environmentally friendly practices, but our duty as parents to do the best we can for our children and future generations.

In coordination with local conservation focused groups including Ocean City’s Green Team, OC Surf Club, Assateague Coastal Trust, and The Surfrider Foundation, we believe it’s our duty to advocate for compostable packaging, eliminating plastics, using renewable energy, and sourcing local products, all while keeping the bottom line in mind.

With this award, The Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund has gifted us with a new opportunity to reach a wider community with our message of smart spending for the environment. The Theodore Roosevelt Award will encourage us to do better, to raise the bar in business, in our family, and for our community. Theodore Roosavelt was keenly aware of how conservation is necessary for the success of future generations. Roosevelt urges us to “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” and we hear that call. In honor of this award, we will continue to put our future generations first by advocating for the preservation of our beautiful and bountiful coastal community."

Nominations for the Maryland LCVEF President Theodore Roosevelt Award are actively solicited from all areas of the state.


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